Advanced Membrane Technology Working Group - 2nd Meeting

November 2014, Brussels, Belgium

The second workshop of the WssTP Advanced Membrane Technology Working Group took place on November 25th at Maison du Languedoc-Roussillon in Brussels. WssTP is the European Technology Platform for Water. EMH’s executive director is a co-leader of the Working Group, along with a representative of Veolia Water. The main aim of the WssTP Working Groups for 2014 is to issue a document summarizing new innovative R&D ideas to be passed on to European Commission to help fuel the preparation of future calls for projects.

The 16 participants to the workshop had a dynamic brain-storming session on:

- Environmentally-friendly designs in membrane processes and
- Blue sky ideas (bio materials, biomimicking, bio-based economy concept...) for water applications.

A sum-up document will be prepared on the basis of the output of workshops 1 and 2. It will be circulated among the WssTP members and passed on to the EC.

24 participants from 9 countries participated in the first workshop in May 2014 at Veolia' Headquarters near Paris, France.

They brainstormed on 2 topics:

- Next generation of processes of hybrid membrane systems for water treatment
- Next generation of processes for low-energy desalination.

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For more information on the platform’s working groups, please visit WssTP’s website.